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Tue, 19 Feb 2019
The ultimate list of the top online stores

Have you been hunting down confided online retailers that move all you most loved best patterns, most recent discharges in hardware, or furniture and goods to spruce up your space? You’ve come to the right spot as we have the lowdown of the best online retailers accessible in South Africa – either based locally or with the capacity to ship to South Africa.

We’ve brushed the web to present to you a restrictive rundown of the absolute best 10 online retailers out there. We’ve searched for focused valuing, client administration greatness and item quality. In this way, regardless of whether you’re pining for the most recent style discharges in clothing, highlight furniture, and contemporary decorations to restore your home or the most recent gaming console discharge, we’re sure these destinations are the ideal spot to begin your search.

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Top online stores: Cotton On Netflorist Loot Bid or Buy Zasttra Mentality Amazon Yuppie Chef Zando H&M ASOS MRP
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Thu, 27 Sep 2018

In the past, when I would go country to country, clients would complain when I would show examples from outside of their region or country. The might say, ‘our country is different’, says Ray Gaul, VP of research and analytics: market insights at Kantar Consulting. He says that recently, that story has changed. When I show examples of in-store best practices, I get the question ‘is that brand doing all the right things in highly developed e-commerce markets?’

The implication is that to be a ‘best practice’ category leader in 2018, you need to be doing three things right:

1. In-store category leadership 2. Digital category leadership 3. Leadership in countries where e-commerce is highly developed

Let’s consider points two and three, specifically. Digital category leadership Believe it or not, digital retailing is now well over 20 years old. Because of this ‘long history’, we can say two things about digital category leadership:

1. The foundational principles of what to do and how it works differently from in-store category leadership are well established and well-practiced

2. New principles and modifications occur when platforms get upgraded and new devices are created, such as smart entertainment devices (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.)

The result is a digital category leadership playbook that has foundational principles at its core, a set of more advanced skills on the edges and true innovation in pockets of invention.

There are several ways to describe this phenomenon, but the one we use at Kantar Consulting is ‘Fix, Build, Impact’.

How do these principles differ from their real-world equivalents?

Fix. In-store category leadership starts with the principle that not all positions on a shelf are equal. Eye-level positions, positions on the ends of aisles, and special ‘call outs’, all help a brand and a category come to life in new ways.

The foundation of in-store category leadership is physical space. Digital is different. The challenge in digital is replication, multiplication and versioning. If you put one product image up on a website, other websites and individuals can copy and reference the image.

Even when a brand is good at re-versioning images and product names, copies can get made, mistakes can go ‘viral’ and links can multiply. For this reason, in-store retail is about winning more space or getting the best position in a space while digital retailing is about fixing or minimising the copies and versions that go beyond a brand’s control.

Good brands constantly ‘fix’ their digital personas by implementing rules and processes around image compliance, product title compliance, description compliance and price/promotion.

Build. In-store category leadership often means managing more positions in-store than the primary shelf placement. Good in-store category leaders work hard to get secondary placements, category extensions and adjacent category placements that help build the basket.

For digital retailing, this is different. Digital category leadership is less about building more placements and it is more about locking in one placement, and making the purchase routine.

Good in-store category leaders get their products put in more corners of the store. Good digital category leaders get consumers to lock in on favourites or auto-refill, thereby eliminating the [...]

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Tue, 24 Jul 2018

We’ve created a list of LinkedIn accounts to follow for when you’re on that quest for knowledge.

To discover four time-saving tools to help you grow your LinkedIn network faster. Includes one tool that lets you schedule a week’s worth of LinkedIn updates in just three minutes.

Susan Cain

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re an executive promoting your top talent, Susan Cain has something to teach every one of us. She is the co-founder of the Quiet Revolution and author of the award-winning New York Times bestseller, QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

Cain gives much-needed credit to the quiet doers of the world and shows how often we overlook and undervalue introverts. Her expertise on the topic has been featured in publications like The Atlantic, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. And her Ted Talk has over 18 million views. On LinkedIn she regularly shares helpful business advice for introverts.

Arlene Dickinson

If you’ve ever watched an episode of CBC’s award-winning series Dragon’s Den or The Big Decision, then you’ve probably heard of Arlene Dickinson. She’s one of Canada’s most iconic entrepreneurs and is the author of bestselling books, Persuasion and All In.

As you can imagine, this self-made millionaire has a few things to teach us about how to manage money and run a business. Dickinson also shares a monthly digest on LinkedIn with her latest sources of inspiration.

Dr. Travis Bradberry

Most of us could probably be a little more emotionally tuned in at work, and Dr. Travis Bradberry offers simple ways for us to get there. Bradberry is an expert in emotional intelligence and an award-winning coauthor of the bestseller Emotional Intelligence 2.0.

His work has appeared in publications like Newsweek, BusinessWeek, and The Harvard Business Review. On top of all that, Bradberry regularly writes and shares educational content on LinkedIn that makes emotional intelligence easy to understand and accessible. For example, 10 Things Confident People Won’t Do and 9 Bad Manager Habits That Make People Quit. If you’re looking for a quick read and useful tips for navigating tricky situations at work, Bradberry is worth a follow.


Wealthsimple is an online investing platform that makes personal finance and investing fun to learn about. Their recurring series, Money Diaries, tells some pretty amazing stories, including interviews with people like Woody Harrelson, Margaret Atwood, and Tegan and Sara.

They’ve also started a new series called Smart People Explain Things, where experts break down tricky topics around finance. Follow Wealthsimple if you want investing tips or if you enjoy reading stories from beloved celebrities.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global and founder of The Huffington Post, wants to change the way you think about career success. In her latest bestselling books, Thrive and The Sleep Revolution, she talks about the importance of improving mindfulness and wellbeing at work.

On LinkedIn she shares lessons about everything from the impact of the internet on our personalities to how to build confidence in a team environment.

Kathryn Minshew

Kathryn Minshew is the co-author of The New Rules of Work and co-founder and CEO of The Muse, a platform that helps people navigate their careers. She was listed [...]

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